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who we are — our approach

By combining non-conventional tools and techniques with more conventional methods, we inspire and challenge leadership teams to create groundbreaking strategies, new business models, products and services that lead to more impact, better revenues and sustainable growth.

innovation based tools and techniques

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Hallemavanloon’s proprietary set of methodologies balances “innovation as an art” with rigorous approaches to strategic business planning. What sets us apart from traditional consulting firms is our non-traditional approach that blends creative, innovation-focused methods with fact-based conventional strategy. In addition, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the organizational issues that directly impact implementation and the requirements for creating an ongoing capacity for sustainable innovation.

Working from the “fuzzy front end” of the innovation process through the execution/market planning stage, Hallemavanloon helps cross-functional client teams envision and become galvanized around new possibilities and opportunities. By engaging outside perspectives (industry experts, early adopter/lead consumers, customers, channel partners, suppliers, investors, etc.) and by fostering deep internal stakeholder alignment, we enable clients to take inspired, committed action - faster and more effectively than they could do themselves.

what’s unique

Our methodologies have been developed from seventeen years’ experience in growth consulting with large and small organizations in every possible industry.

We deliver a balance of strategic and tactical results - helping define longer-
term breakthrough opportunities that are linked back to short- and mid-term strategies and actions.

We use a combination of non-traditional and conventional approaches, providing the assurance of tried and true methods, but not allowing our results to be limited by them.

We bring both process and content to our engagements - while we are seasoned process architects and facilitators we ensure that subject-matter resources are always included in our work.

The approach is flexible, scalable and realistic - we customize our approach to your organization’s business needs, timing requirements and organizational challenges.