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As a Service Designer at hallemavanloon you get to collaborate across disciplines to create integrated design solutions for a diversity of industries, scale and mediums. In this role you get exposure to and involvement with all parts of the design process: proposal writing, user research, concept development, prototyping, working with developers and design stewardship.

relevant experience

  • Diverse project experience. 

  • You have experience in executing and leading teams through concept ideation, service concepting/wireframing, design strategy, and working across multiple mediums.
  • A generative work style. 

  • You are able to prototype rapidly in multiple mediums and levels of interactivity.
  • Storytelling skills. 

    You are able to compellingly communicate the story of design solutions to clients.

  • Leadership experience.

    You have experience leading a project team, managing scope, managing deliverables, and managing client interactions.

    By the way

  • For this position you need an interaction design degree and at least 3 years of experience.

as a service designer you will...

    • Get the opportunity to go out in the field with to build empathy for a user’s needs first-hand through things like watching patient-physician interaction, exploring the environment of a new highway, or working in a shop for a couple of days.
    • Get to work with people (like product designers, communication designers) who do things that seem like magic; together you’ll be able to prototype quickly and realistically.
    • Get to work on projects, like a recent healthcare one, where we were able to design every aspect of a patient support program, from an educational website, adherence tools, and patient-physican interactions in an integrated way because of the diversity of disciplines that we brought together.

    • Get to part of all types of projects and use your systematic approach to designing at both macro- and micro-interactions help create an integrated design and approach.
    • To have a look what others have accomplished in this role please have a look into our cases. 


 Please email the following materials to careers@hallemavanloon.nl.

  • - cover letter
  • - resume
  • - interaction design happens at a variety of scales. Give examples of designs you use regular that inspire you and demonstrate this idea.

Your submission should be non-confidential.