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We create growth by using an iterative collaborative approach. We integrate creative thinking with analytical rigor throughout everything we do. Our employee base brings a unique mix of expertises to ensure that you will benefit from a balance of right and left brain thinking.

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Since 1996 hallemavanloon helps organizations to innovate and lead by engaging internal and external stakeholders to get the right insights and the best game-changing ideas that drive growth and improve performance.

We look at things differently. Bringing unique perspectives, approaches and insights that spark revolutionary thinking and ideas, big and small. Hallemavanloon is about creating better ideas faster and bringing them to market. We help to nurture a culture of creativity and curiosity. One where employees are inspired and engaged in the innovation process. Where openness to new inspiration and ideas from any number of sources, the network of customers, partners, even competitors, is the rule. Where fear of change and failure is replaced by a willingness to embrace both risk and opportunity.

In all of our work, hallemavanloon designs engaging and collaborative experiences that capture unlikely connections and produce new ideas. We offer the practiced expertise of change agents and organizational development consultants, the experienced intuition of marketers, and the insight of market researchers.

Hallemavanloon’s team, methods and alliances span these areas to produce a rich, diverse resource for inspiration and innovation which produces significant return-on-investment for clients and partners.

Hallemavanloon helps you along the path to inspired, sustainable growth,
read our mantra: we create growth together.

who we are

curious & challenging —

We are genuinely curious, appropriately disruptive and always challenging.
Our way and work are strongly intertwined.

analytical & actionable —

We weave analytical and creative thinking together to develop inspired, connected and actionable ideas.

implementation & impact —

We go beyond recommendations by seeing ideas through to implementation and impact.

collaboration & commitment —

Sustainable innovation requires harnessing people’s heads and hearts to create growth together.

experiential & excelling —

Delivering unexpected results backed by bold thinking, passion and almost 20 years of experience.