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Case Study

Uncovering what is truly relevant to HCP's

“Together we focus on what the customers and business need instead of IT, that's what makes the difference.”

— Digital multichannel EMEA strategy lead

the challenge

We were approached by a leading global pharmaceutical company to advise on how they could optimise the performance of a European online portal aimed at healthcare professionals. They understood their basic needs, but they wanted deeper insights into what their customers hoped to find on their portal to tailor content to its varied customer base.

our approach

We began by analysing various disparate data sources to get a deeper understanding of the issues. This helped us analyse three critical areas: the impact of the various channels, the manifest needs of the customers and the territories that could be clustered together, and the resources required to deploy these new channels in the sales and marketing mix. 

Armed with these insights we interviewed subject matter experts, and then progressed to interviews with a demographically and geographically diverse group of 101 specialists in various therapeutic domains. We used data mapping and affinity diagrams to create four highly detailed personas based on their needs, wants, attitudes, behaviour and channel preference. The personas supported service and content development and plotting these services in a road map. Defining these distinct personas also allowed our client to identify gaps in its current digital offering and tailor its online services and content better to their customers' interests and needs. 

the results

We gave our client a full set of profiles covering each channel, including a user interaction design, visual language and relevant services and content. This customer centric development strategy formed the foundation for their multichannel planning across Europe, more engaged customers in the short-term and greater company loyalty in the long-term.