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what we've done - case studies

Driving cattle, leading people

“It's a better, nicer and smarter supplier. For me there is no alternative anymore”

— farmer

the challenge

A leading agricultural product and service provider wanted to transform its image and position from a commodities supplier into a solutions provider.

the approach

Leveraging in-depth qualitative interviews with customers across the agri-food value chain, key executive interviews, and existing competitive and industry research, hallemavanloon developed a comprehensive view of the company's environment it operated in. This research uncovered that while the organization had a variety of strong equities, it was also encumbered by certain associations that were born from its strong trading-oriented heritage. Finding a delicate way to address these challenges while simultaneously leveraging the existing equities was the key.

growth realized™

Hallemavanloon created a new way to position the organization as a true solutions provider. By focusing the organization on delivering a customer experience that was grounded in the brand equity, and complemented with a new approach for how the company intended to work with its customers, we were able to initiate this perceptual shift.

As a result of this work, new internal and external marketing, sales and communication strategies were developed to reinforce positioning, increase employee engagement, customer loyalty and market growth.