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Defining the optimal multichannel mix

“It has been a discovery for all. A realization that we need to raise the bar and a passion to do so!”

— senior manager communication

the challenge

Our client deployed a wide range of communication channels and tactics. To improve the effectiveness of the complete mix our client wanted to understand how to keep up their multichannel marketing strategy with the dynamic stakeholders.

the approach

We conducted research among key customers and the sales people to identify what is working, what is driving conversion and to what extent. Based on these findings we crafted a framework for an optimal channel mix to increase their effectiveness. We then organised workshops with various teams to show what could be the impact of a revised go-to-market tactics and discuss how to translate these insights into practice.

growth realized™

Our client has begun implementing the framework that we developed with the team there. This enables our client to bring the right message to the most influential stakeholders in a customised way, using the most effective channel mix for customer interaction.