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Tackling blind spots in a crowded market

“Even the most environmental conscious customers turned out not to give in on their expectations towards product performance. That might seem logical, but for us it changed the way we see the world."

— Long term innovation manager

the challenge

Our client works closely with the users of their products and distributors to develop new products that help to alleviate the special needs of their customers. They came to us to envision and make tangible new opportunities to evolve its line of products.

the approach

We conducted ethnogprahic interviews in a variety of global markets including the Benelux, France and Germany to understand customer’s everyday experiences more deeply. Based on insights from the field research and an extensive survey of competitive products, we co-created with the team physical prototypes representing both incremental improvements to improve product functionality and more radical, longer term concepts to improve existing offerings.

growth realized™

Throughout the project, we introduced the client team to rapid prototyping methods and user-centred design thinking, thereby strengthening our client’s internal capacity to develop solutions that better meet customers needs and become successful in the market. The outcome was a series of product prototypes that are fed straight into their internal new product development process for development.