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Case Study

Strengthening internal engagement

“hallemavanloon helped us to inspire and activate the entire team into doing something valuable for MM patients, together.”

— patient engagement manager

the challenge

A leader in the pharmaceutical industry acknowledged the power of qualitative insights to understand the lived experiences of Multiple Myeloma (MM) - a type of haematoligic cancer. By focusing on the patient’s needs and expectations, they aspire to provide an innovative ‘beyond the pill’ patient support program with improved care and to differentiate themselves within a highly competitive market.

From our experience, these ‘beyond the pill’ products and services require a wide support within the organization. The realized effect of each company-wide innovation is as large as each employee’s individual expression. So, you need people to identify with these new developments and share the same vision to accept the need for change. Therefore, making an impact cannot be invested with only one person; everyone should be engaged and aligned to achieve the same goal. Yet, how do you engage each and every individual to embrace change and act upon it accordingly, within a dynamic, traditional and diverse workplace?

the approach

By organizing a playful competition, we managed to activate the gathered insights in the lived experiences of MM to life within the company walls. Through an IT platform, people received a daily challenge on their PC or smartphone, to defy their knowledge and engage them to learn about actionable and relevant insights.

This challenge was posed in the form of a evocative statement on the life of MM patients, on the basis of the in-depth insights that were gathered in the etnographic research. After answering, an insightful learning was shared, to elaborate on their response. Participation was stimulated by rewarding correct answers with a scoop of M&M’s added to the personalized mason jar at their desk. Additionally, the scores were displayed on an online dashboard, to allow every participant to monitor their position in the standings and fuel the competitive spirit.

growth realized™

By building empathy, the discourse was fueled throughout the entire organization. It humanized the insights and made them tangible. By including every part of the staff, the cross-functional dialogue was stimulated. With this renewed drive and perspective, the inspired and motivated team was newly engaged into developing human based solutions to improve the patients’ quality of life; resulting in dozens of refreshing ideas and opportunities.

Moreover, the internal momentum was optimized, as every piece in the organizational puzzle shared the same goal and ability to personally fill in the strategic dimensions set by the organization, into actionable realizations.