— growth realized

Case Study

Shifting gears in the construction industry

“The construction market was completely new for us and they helped us sense the opportunities and how to make the difference.”

— director global marketing

the challenge

A leading provider of automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, saw opportunities in the construction market for the application of automatic transmission. For a successful launch they were looking for more understanding of the DMU of the vehicle fleet, their perception of automatic transmissions in general and of our client's in particular.

Our approach

To get a sense of what is truly important we visited an exhibition in Sweden and test drove with truck drivers from construction companies. This gave the drivers the opportunity to get acquainted with automatic transmission and us the time to engage in and informal conversation during the trip and to empathise. These insights paved the way for in-depth conversations with a group of buyers at construction companies and truck manufacturers. Through this indirect approach people spoke much more openly about the choices they made and why, yielding rich insights into the entire level buying cycle from orientation to choice and purchase to evaluation.

growth realized™

The creative research approach provided insight into the experiences and manifest and latent market needs. Along with our client's sales team, we decided where to play (e.g. the Netherlands for example was for geographical reasons not ideal) and translated the insights into a set of effective sales arguments for buyers in France, Germany and England. In these countries the team then managed to launch successfully