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Redefining reality for 10% of all men

“This was not the first time I attended a workshop, but this time the setup, the motivation, the creative exercises, the venue, every little detail pushed me to be accountable for achieving results.  ”

— Sales director EMEA region

the challenge

A looming patent cliff blockbuster drugs, rising patient expectations of healthcare outcomes, and financially strapped payers created a perfect storm for one of our clients who was up to launch a new product in oncology.

our solution

To innovate within and beyond existing healthcare economics, our approach drew on a solid, anthropologically-informed understanding of human behaviour and extensive co-creation efforts with the people who are integral to innovation: patients, family members and healthcare professionals. We designed and led an series of workshops that had cross functional team spend two day walking in the shoes of their target patients and physicians. Armed with the insight ingredients of success, we collaborated with our client’s people to develop innovative services from patient support programs to mobile health applications and a digital patient engagement platform.

To tackle this challenge we unleashed the power from within the company. We designed an immersive innovation program and led a series of workshops to help executives develop their individual creative mindsets and apply innovative thinking to the upcoming product launch. By putting people first, we ensured the reality of a patient's life resonates throughout the project and lives within the insights we carefully construct to shed light on their difficulties, desires and hopes.

growth realized™

Our iterative, collaborative approach ensured we effectively deliver – considering speed, resources and engagement. In merely two days we generated more than 800 ideas as the springboard for developing solid service concepts to support patients diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Three concepts, a home-care service, a pay for performance plan and an adherence program made it to the market and have yielded tremendous business results.