what we've done - case studies

Walking a mile in the customers' shoes

“Innovation is fueled by seeing the world with new eyes. On numerous occasions, they have helped us break through to those most critical insights."

— commercial director

the challenge

Our client sells mechnical supplies to variety of customers and wanted to know how the in-store experience influenced their customers at the point of purchase.

the approach

We recruited respondents from a cross-section of customers – from heavy DIYers to a variety of small business owners – asking them to take us to an outlet where they would typically buy their material. The respondents talked us through their emotions and behaviour while we observed. We also filmed their stream of consciousness as they made their choices in the stores.

We do not leave emotions at home when we come to work; where products are displayed in-store has a big effect on the amount of interest customers take in them; packaging is important and is the thing people check out first during their decision making process. We watched people being eager to hold the physical products and sometimes being frustrated because there were none available for them to try out. These findings influenced the way our client went on to manage the in-store experience.


growth realized™

The power of observation allowed us to observe the real world situations of buyers, providing us a window into the challenging situations buyers’ experience. Based on the research we made a short documentary to bring the insights alive. This helped our client's team to understand how buyers are affected as well as how they are impacted emotionally. Things you cannot learn in a survey or through win/loss phone calls.

Using the ethnographic and segmentation data, we then prioritized the most critical experience areas (e.g., internet, shops, help desk) to develop a range of innovative, category-leading new offers (e.g. shop concepts, service improvements, etc.). A plan was developed to support commercialization of the new experience offers based on qualitative customer feedback. This generated incremental new traffic, increased sales, and overall improvement in customer satisfaction scores.