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Case Study

Redefining & activating customer insights

“It’s nice to see they are pushing the envelope; their commercial insights shed a valuable new light on our challenges and really triggered our people to redefine their own actions.”

— managing director

the challenge

In 2010 hallemavanloon performed an analysis of customer satisfaction, to help a leading trade company in strengthening both their relationship with customers and position in the market. Based on predefined customer segments, the client was looking to map satisfaction levels regarding the company image, service quality and position in relation to the competition. After performing a multitude of interviews, both face-to-face and by telephone, the resulting insights allowed them to set an actionable course towards improved customer loyalty.

In 2016, the client, keen to gain nuanced insights in the current satisfaction rates, needed to acquire a holistic view on the customer’s perception towards the made improvements since 2010. Using this data, they strive to better focus on contemporary developments and identify opportunities for further improvements.

our solution

This time, we set out to only conduct face-to-face interviews and revisit the customer’s satisfaction patterns by mirroring them against our previous findings. In doing so, we found that mapping these valuable insights over market-type defined customer segments would not be representative enough. As our conversations pointed out, it were the customer needs and attitudes that are more defining for their purchasing patterns, rather than the firmographic variable market. So, we focused the analysis on the needs and attitudes spread over two efforts.

A): we proposed redefined customer segments, translated into personas to reflect the qualitative characteristics of each type of customer needs. Followed by B): we defined the customer journey with the respective needs that are encountered in each phase, to construct a more reflective image. This allowed us to pinpoint important focus points across the service model, and humanize the customer. The deliverables were presented in the form of three posters, spread throughout the office, to instigate the internal discourse.

growth realized™

Through objective, recursive measurement of customer satisfaction, the client obtained commercial insights that enabled them to validate and evaluate the set course to improve customer loyalty. Optimal value was extracted from the insights by a two-sided approach: to construct a consistent, humanized image of the customer and connect this to business parameters, to further sharpen their service portfolio.

After actively embedding the results, it inspired the company to set up an event aimed at translating commercial insights into innovative concepts and a business growth roadmap. The event, a presentation gala, spurred on the attendees to capture the needs of their customers, their current role, and opportunities to contribute to taking it one step further. Resulting in strategic alignment and an emphatic understanding of customer needs, the company is now even better prepared to make the right business decisions to realize their ambition towards being the best valued supplier in the business.