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Improving quality of life

“The open manner of work was very inspiring which contributed to a both effective and most and for all fun relationship between the people concerned and it invited directly to take ownership.”

— launch team lead

the challenge

A pharmaceutical company wanted to build internal understanding, empathy and excitement for  diabetes patients in order to enable the company to create an unified point-of-view on how to transform the company from a pill producer into a provider of Quality of Life. They also wished to reinforce this point-of-view with a set of actionable ideas that are grounded in insight and address the needs and wants of the targeted patients.

our solution

We designed a novel approach that examined the networks of personal and professional support that emerge around individual patients. The result was a rich and nuanced view of the complex interactions and relationships encompassing a patient’s journey with type-2 diabetes. By creating a research framework that looked beyond traditional modes of health care delivery, the approach ultimately provided the team with a more holistic view of diabetes management, enabling them to identify systemic gaps and define opportunities for more empathetic approaches to diabetes care.

Following the research, we continued to partner with our client's cross functional team to design and develop a strategy map and beyond the pill services that pairs on and offline support for people with type-2 diabetes. The service solution elevates the emotional well being of people with type-2 diabetes by facilitating peer-to-peer patient connections and providing practical tools for coping with the complexity of a changing lifestyle. 


growth realized™

We provided insights and inspiration and explored the goals, qualities and ideas to enable the team to build the service business model, define a launch plan and develop a communication strategy. Post-event, hallemavanloon provided a point-of-view on how to sustain the momentum of the workshops moving forward and implications for playing to win in this commoditized market.