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Changing the way how you see the world

“It is better to be a big fish in a little pond, than the other way around.”

— segmentation expert

the challenge

Our client has a strong portfolio of products in the field of osteoporosis. Anticipating future market changes, they wanted to build from its position of strength and being proactive, instead of being forced to change by the external environment.

our approach

We conducted a comprehensive market assessment and developed a segmentation based on customer needs, habits and brand perceptions. enable our client to elevate their frame of reference from medical information, like literature service, to treatment outcomes. The key findings of the results were presented by means of a representative customer panel, which enabled the team to directly respond and gain self-inisght on the spot. This was the starting point for an interactive workshop with the team to craft a solid plan for increased relevance among their network and a broader ambassador base.

growth realized™

Using the data to develop several growth opportunities, we organised a workshop with the sales teams to define how our client could reach its future goals with new, innovative offerings. Informed by physician interviews and prescription data, we recommended the realignment of the brand portfolio – rationalising it to focus on fewer, stronger core clinics.