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Paving the way for local design & construct

“The USP was there, hallemavanloon helped us to engage the local teams to use it!”

— director infra

the challenge

A listed company that combines activities related to property development, residential building, non-residential building, roads and civil engineering focuses on quality improvements, innovation and integrated solutions enables them to generate added value for their clients.

For large projects an integrated approach is a must and hence no-brainer for the commercial team. For regional design and construct works however this was more a vision than reality. At the same time they sensed enormous opportunities to differentiate exactly there from local contractors, but how did they get this message across?

the approach

We attended regional design & construct plamnning meetings to better understand in what specific situations an integrated approach leads to more customer benefits. With that insight, we started an open discussion with various municipalities and consultants to find out how they make their choice, how they see our client and where there was still room for improvement and / or sharpening the proposition.

growth realized™

The results of our road show were shared in a broad session with interdisciplinairy teams of the various regional offices. These teams then translated the insights into a concrete action plan, which guaranteed buy in for the plans upfront. The pilot period of 6 months proved that the integrated approach also regionally pays off, which brought even the most sceptic ones fully on board.