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Enhancing patient-physician interaction

“This outperforms everything I saw before in this genre: to the point, insightful, relevant and very appealing to grab and read.”

— chairman European patient organisation

the challenge

Our client wants to add value to people’s quality of life support HCP’s providing them with credible, valuable information and support that help them cope with prostate cancer. Many patients however are dubious of many sources of information and lack information that applies to them.

our solution

Through techniques ranging from expert interviews, in-home visits, interactive discussions and contextual studies, we unlocked deep insights into patients’ behaviours, drivers and needs. We shared these insights with a range of stakeholders and interested them in co-creating a solution. We used both left-brain (logical) thinking and right-brain (creative) thinking to translate our insights into a set of strategic directions and tangible concepts.  We intensively cooperated with key stakeholders during preparation, creation and delivery to iterate these concepts into a support programme, that help patients and their families maintain their sense of control and enhance their level of acceptance. 

growth realized™

The Magazine and Manual have received very positive market feedback for its ultimate combination of human interest, stakeholder engagement and simplicity. It has been adopted by the dutch cancer organisation, which stresses the credibility and relevance of the content. Last but not least it enabled customer facing teams to evolve the conversation with target physicians and strengthen company loyalty.