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Isolating customer needs

“hallemavanloon illustrated a clear understanding of the construction business, offered proactive advice as to how we could use the insights, and importantly, came across as people we trust to get the job done.”

— managing director

the challenge

Our client is a key supplier to the European construction industry. Its key customers are house builders and large contractors. They faced quite some pressure from a major competitor and with the market introduction of a new type of isolation there was a serious danger that our client could get dragged into a price war. The goal of the project was to collect insights from our client’s customers that would enable them to more fully understand their needs. So our client could develop new service offerings and truly differentiate themselves from the competition to the point where customers will not consider any other supplier.

The challenges posed to us:

- How do you find out deep and honest information and not get sidetracked or
  confused by buying 
teams at the customers who want to talk about pricing or
  more mundane issues?
- How do you get information on unmet needs when these aren't even fully
  recognised by the customers themselves?
- How can this be done quickly and on a continual basis so information can
  be tracked over the year?

the approach

The project started with a piece of internal research among our client’s marketing and sales teams to get their perspective on the market situation and current customer needs. We then carried out a customer survey covering 300 customers across the Benelux to understand their needs but also how their needs might change in the future.


growth realized™

The end result was that our client reoriented both its internal structure as well as its brand position in the market and different value propositions (both product and supply chain solutions) were developed from the point of view of the customer’s needs. This realignment of brand and service offering has not only improved customer satisfaction levels but also our client’s market share and profitability.