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Fixing the future

“Overall, hallemavanloon is a pleasure to work with, did exactly what was needed, stretched our thinking, and provided opportunities for new growth. A great partner.”

— Managing director Benelux

the challenge

Our client faced tough competition due to increasing commoditization across the industry and needed new ideas to break through the category and command higher margins. They turned to us to develop and lead a two-day innovation workshop to explore new paths for growth for fixing systems in a downward construction market.

our solution

Before our innovation workshop we prepared some territories to springboard ideas from. We looked at other construction markets, reviewed successes and failures in and outside the category and talked to customers to develop platform areas. From these platform areas we created ideas against key business challenges that kept the session and outputs focused. We even visited a museum to lead people to think differently and although their initial reaction was terrifying, the fun and discussion it created was amazing. 


growth realized™

We worked collaboratively with our clients' people, partner agencies and a product designer to create ideas, bring them to life and then review and prioritise them based on the business challenges. We emerged from the session with a number of leading ideas and a multi-functional team of 20 that had all contributed fully two ideas ended up going to market – established partnership with 2 other suppliers
to increase sales power, new channel in retail +€1mio sales.