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Living the customer centric vision

..it was all of us doing it together and interacting, what I valued most.”

— Director Stakeholder & Channel Management

the challenge

Effective future healthcare will blend medical expertise with social and behavioural understandings that enable more effective prevention and treatment. The challenge for our client was to move their strategic focus from a product-centered business model to a patient-centered one. But how can this be done in an industry that has built its culture around the product and not the patient? And where does competitive advantage come from in this scenario?

our solution

The answer is in the people! We designed and orchestrated a 5-day summit for the entire organisation to get immersed in the strategy and begin laying plans for effective execution. This growth summit included everything from architecting the agenda, designing new value propositions, securing high profile speakers, developing learning exercises, event branding, and creating an online platform to be shared with the broader organization.

growth realized™

The week ensured that customer-centricity went beyond and above the vision statement of our client. The holistic approach that encompassed everything from analytics and insights to strategy and customer experience, from operating model design and execution to governance, enabled people to rethink the way their business is done. And last but not least be motivated to take the customer experience to the next level.