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Using innovation to fuel growth

"They understand that the best ideas are honed by deep empathy and a profound understanding of how value gets created."

— innovation manager

the challenge

A manufacturer of water treatment products recognized that they were becoming fast followers from a new product development perspective and wanted to create new products collaboratively and organically across two business lines: sports and recreation.

our solution

Based on our customer-centric innovation approach, an in-depth analysis of customer conversations in social media and online communities worldwide revealed a vexing problem customers are discussing intensively: causing less environmental impact while being as effective as before. Building on this unique insight, ideas and concepts were co-created with leading-edge and extreme users in face-to-face sessions. In order to validate and enrich these concepts, a digital evaluation tool was implemented which enabled customers to provide their feedback and share their ideas.

growth realized™

Drawing on the results of the co-creation process involving their key customers, our client developed a new product line for their sports and recreation division. The new product line became the most successful product launch in their history, creating an entirely new category and a major addition to their product portfolio today.