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Case Study

Engaging stakeholders for better results

“hallemavanloon's recommendations are actionable, useful, and insightful, and the people seem real and truthful. They don’t just tell you what you want to hear.”

— public relations manager

the challenge

For a major mobile telecommunications operator communicating with and listening to its stakeholders is important to understand their views. Stakeholders include investors, employees and suppliers – who are directly affected by their business performance – as well as consumers and enterprise customers (small and large businesses and organisations) who relate to them as a service provider. Many more people in communities see their network infrastructure and some have strong views about it. Non-governmental organisations and sustainability opinion formers are often concerned about specific issues. Governments and regulators affect their business through new legislation and regulations.

the approach

Hallemavanloon gathers feedback from external stakeholders, that informs our client's judgment about sustainability priorities for its business and feeds into their sustainability strategy as appropriate. The aim is for both our client and its stakeholders is to benefit from the process. In cases where we do not agree or cannot respond to the feedback we have received, we aim to explain our client's position honestly and openly.


the results

We tailor the engagement processes to suit each different stakeholder group. The local markets play an important role in forming relationships with local stakeholders.