what we've done - case studies

Igniting digital transformation

"Real creativity combined with clear metrics and ROI. We could not be happier with the outcome.”

— managing director

the challenge

A leading technical wholesaler saw an opportunity to expand its customer base and the reach of its brand by extending into a new channel, the internet. Critical to the success of this venture would be creating the high quality experience that customers had come to expect from the company without canabalizing its existing channels.

the approach

hallemavanloon analyzed the companies organizational strengths, brand equities, and competitive environment. The organization engaged hallemvanloon’s impact-team to ready its operations for launch. These efforts ranged from creating employee training programs to creating strategies for sourcing inventory and managing distribution.

Furthermore, hallemavanloon created a set of detailed guidelines for the client to use building the appropriate online experience, as well as an integrated communications plan that aimed to foster cross-channel loyalty.

growth realized™

The company launched a site to support the entire concept, and has continued to introduce web sites for its other business lines. Its total internet sales grew over 400% in its first two years, and over one-third of online customers were new buyers. The internet continues to be a powerful contributor to its brand and business, and online sales now account for over 45% of the total revenues.