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Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

“The fact that a partner, with his unique capabilities, is our sparring partner is key for me."

— business owner 

the challenge

Some of the best innovations take shape when people with a wide range of different skills, perspectives, and disciplines come together. That’s what two entrepreneurs envisioned when they hired us to help launch a health-staffing firm from the ground up. The challenge: design a new brand that represents one cohesive mission, while bringing together a variety of people, services, and points of view.

the approach

Hallemavanloon consulted potential clients as well as potential talents to develop a marketing strategy and execution plan for the new company with a focus on making a difference for customers and talents. Furthermore we analysed our clients organizational strengths, brand equity, and competitive environment and recommended that the new business would completely focus on the healthcare sector.

Upon agreeing to this approach, they engaged our implementation team to ready its operations for launch. These efforts ranged from building a long term growth strategy to creating a tactical plan to align the brand strategy with market needs and company ambitions.

growth realized™

The business was successfully launched and became a leading company in the field of nursing  recruitment and staffing. Employee engagement has also continued to improve, with turnover rates decreasing significantly over time.