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Driving value through patient services 

“Physicians and nurses identified the added value that we are bringing to both them and their patients, and are vocal in their appreciation of the above-brand nature of the support we’re providing.”

— European product manager

the challenge

The hepatitis C market is a highly dynamic market and our client had a short window of opportunity to differentiate its offering from competitors. To do so they wanted to create added value services that positioned them as thought leader in the field.

our solution

We developed an omni-channel patient support programme to empower hepatitis C patients to deal with the practical and emotional impact of the disease. The underlying genius is that by co-creating the tools with patients, professionals and various other stakeholders we solved a pain point in the pharmaceutical business. We showed that you can do business without doing evil.

growth realized™

More than 100 patients and HCP’s, among which worldwide KOL’s, participated in the co-creation of the program. In the first two months time the website reached 3000 visitors, which is huge if you consider prevalence of hepatitis C is 1%. More important,  it helped to stay on track in relevance with the competition. The support programm has been nominated for the Global James E. Burke Marketing Awards, Johnson & Johnson’s prestigious internal global marketing honors for its outstanding results.