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Creating a common understanding of people's lives

“The open manner of work is very inspiring which contributes to a both effective and most and for all fun relationship between the people concerned and it invites directly to 

— associate director strategic research & innovation

the challenge

Our client wanted to gain a more complete understanding of how patients cope with their chronic illness, from both a medical, practical and emotional perspective.

our solution

We assembled a 360º view into the world and networks of family, friends, peers and care providers that connect to and support patients. To communicate the research outcomes we created an iPad that allow customer facing teams to self-navigate the rich media content and create a common understanding of how patients cope with the disease. The insights and opportunities derived from the research were visually communicated through video, slide shows, infographics that were housed in the app.

growth realized™

The iPad application provided our client with a tool to distribute rich media content throughout the company and create a common understanding of how patients live with the chronic disease. The application was also used on a international conference to share the insights with healthcare professionals to amplify their role beyond the medical aspect of medical care.