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Delta for growth

“It’s great to see the team is fully engaged and the project gaining traction and momentum. The team seems to be gaining competence and confidence with this value thinking!"

— Managing director Benelux

the challenge

Digitally-engaged customers expect great brand experiences online, in-store and after purchase. A global leader in plastic pipe systems realised the need for an integrated and engaging online experience that would leapfrog the competition, and to do this, they needed a digital transformation.

the approach

The leadership team partnered with us to map the consumer experience and seamlessly integrate and activate the digital and physical customer experience touch-points. With a focus on the customer, experience teams worked across business sectors and geographies to examine the consumer experience throughout the purchase cycle and identify key needs and pain points. With so many different opportunities, brands and geographies to explore, the main challenge was applying a razor sharp lens to the channels (e.g., branches, online, etc.) and identifying signature touchpoints to create a multi-year, step-by-step customer experience roadmap to drive transformation and business impact.

To create a more innovative culture was also a priority. To empower and energize the customer experience, hallemavanloon worked with the managing director, commercial director and sector business leaders to deliver a unique growth leadership development program across the company. Our immersive change program helped middle management think, behave and lead differently and build ambassadors for the transformation to a customer-centric company.

growth realized™

The program resulted in 3x3 weeks of inspiration, 32 concepts, 50 inspirational events, 400 vetted ideas, 9 pilot projects, 11.907 visits to the project website, 64 special products, 34 films of people's passion in action, enhanced customer focus across the company, lots of fun and 700K sales growth, all in 6 months time.