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Winning a highway tender with empathy

“Of course we wrote the plans ourselves, but hallemavanloon pushed us over the brink and helped us stand out from the crowd.”

— Tender manager

the challenge

When Rijkswaterstaat called for tender for the construction of a highway that was longtime topic of debate, our client turned to us to help them design and implement a tender bid, that conveyed trust that disturbances of the public would be minimal. 

the approach

We took the tender team to the actual construction area and had conversations with various stakeholders. In this way the team reached the deepest level of insight that informed and inspired the tender design processes; the ‘messiness’ of the everyday is preserved, but harnessed within analytical structures. 

A key benefit of this approach was that it connected all levels of the tender organisation with the people they design the highway for, providing real-world context for existing knowledge, grounding ideas, insights and beliefs in evidence drawn straight from the lives of relevant people. What’s more, working with such emotionally resonant materials allowed our client to break down organisational silos.


growth realized™

As a result of this approach our client received a 9 on a scale of 10 for its stakeholder engagement plan and a 10 for the traffic plan. The insights gained by the team helped to hit the right cord and find the details that pushed the company over the brink and made them the winner of this €298 mio tender. After winning the tender we led a culture change program for them to live up to their expectations.