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An engaging inspirience to boost sales

“They fill the gap between market research agencies and management consultants. More business sense than market research agencies, more behavioural expertise than management consultants.”

—marketing director

the challenge

An iconic brand asked us to help them improve the internal co-operation and increase sales of steam ovens.

the approach

By ethnographic and co-creation research we first figured out what really matters to their consumers  and what stimulates and what holds people back from buying and using a steam oven. Fueled with new inspiration from the research the sales and demonstration teams examined the consumer experience throughout the purchase cycle and identify key needs and pain points. In close co-operation with the Miele team we then designed the optimal content and format of the demonstration and follow up courses. 

growth realized™

By involving the sales team in the development and integration of the new approach they adopted the changes naturally. Different user types in terms of search behavior were identified. Important features and functions within the setup of the demonstration, such as the involvement of people to use the appliances and program setup were directly modified.

As a result sales of steam ovens increased over 20% in the next quarter and the sales and cooking team worked more as a team.