what we've done — case studies

One company for growth

“It's amazing how fast we turned into ONE team.”

— business unit director Industry

the challenge

An independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, grew extensivly in the Benelux by means of acquisitions. They turned to us to help them integrate where it matters and make the deals pay off.

the approach

In Phase I a team of hallemavanloon consultants worked with the leadership team of to create a roadmap with a time horizon of 5 years. We conducted internal and external analyses to provide the basic data for the strategy forming piece. Long range scenarios were developed for the future of the technical services industry, trends in the design, build, operate and maintainance of facilities and the concept of multi-T. In Phase II - 5 hallemavanloon/clients teams were created to respond to various imperatives emerging from the strategy. Their remit was to develop solutions and implementation plans for each area.

growth realized™

The strategy has been communicated broadly to the entire organization through a series of road shows undertaken by the leadership team. The organizational structure has been changed to reflect a more equitable balance between activities involved in establishing strategies and implementing them. Portfolio management methods have been revised.

Several new initiatives were being implemented which focus upon:

- standardized standards and methods across multiple sites
- optimization of the core processes
- the creation of new competences, aligned with company value