— growth realized

Case Study

Introducing a new value proposition

“The insights delivered helped us to adjust our course and yield maximum business impact. I was delighted to see they were able to access these new target groups that fast.”

— head of communication

the challenge

Our client is an industry leading artificial grass turf supplier, providing a range of products to suit to their customers’ needs resulting in high-end playing fields. Putting their unique expertise and resources to work, they created an innovative proposition that combined societal and business benefits in one initiative. This new market entry will integrally generate profit and strengthen the competitive position by helping our client to avoid a possible commodity trap. Simultaneously, it increases value for people and planet, making it a sustainably rewarding initiative.

For this proposition to successfully lift off though, partners should be engaged to realise funding, development and implementation. Rather than approaching their accustomed buyers, they realised they needed to engage with new prospects, with different needs, attitudes and behaviour. In order to gain their feedback and engage possible partners, we were requested to research the perceived added value, from external stakeholders, of this new proposition.

our solution

The success of the developed proposition relies on the level of adoption by its external stakeholders. We have performed a gap analysis to obtain the perspective of external stakeholders on the solution’s added value. By listening closely to how the concept actually impacts their competitive advantage and brand image we were able to identify value gaps. The personal, qualitative approach allowed for a nuanced reflection. We sat down for a good conversation with representatives of NGO’s, governmental parties, partners and corporates and openly discussed the proposition’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from their experiential point of view.

Even though the number of stakeholders involved was limited, the diversity in stakeholders engaged, in combination with the qualitative approach, ensured we deep insights which covered the full spectrum. Additionally, vital insights were acquired on their expectations in relation to the projects aspiration. This laid the foundation for engaging possible partners to get on board with the initiative.

the results

After the qualitative interactions with external stakeholders, we were able to map the perceived value of the company’s new proposition on the customer segments. The dialogue with the client that followed the insights presentation resulted in a list of minor corrections and critical adjustments to yield maximum business impact for the proposition. To guarantee the insights stick we surpassed our briefing by providing a document with insights reported on the individual stakeholder level.  This document became the north star in the follow-up of the research and take the initiative forward.

We assisted our client in (re)defining the purpose, value and expectations regarding the proposition; it more importantly paved the way for building mutually beneficial relationships to take the proposition to the next level. As a result, the qualitative approach triggered the external stakeholders’ enthusiasm, leading to their active engagement in bringing the proposition further. Growth realised.