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what we’ve done

Since 1996 we helped over a 150 clients to
innovate and grow

Since 1996 hallemavanloon has actively supported growth in every major industry. More than 50 percent of our work is related to collaborating with senior management to help drive significant, accelerated growth.

Many of the CEO’s and management teams we have worked with are willing to talk to colleagues of companies that are at the beginning of their growth transformation. They can speak about what is was like to collaborate with hallemavanloon, but they can also address what the change required internally: how they motivated their teams, how they ensured ownership and commitment, and how they made sure the efforts into real results - results that the organization owned and sustained after hallemavanloon was no longer there.


If you would like a confidential, introductory conversation with us about transforming your organization, please reach out to us at +31 (0)10 4774003. If you think a private conversation with one of our clients who has gone through a growth process would be helpful, please reach out to us as well.