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When it comes to breakthroughs, even the most innovative companies face significant challenges. From wrestling with the ""fuzzy front end"" of the innovation process, to identifying and prioritizing opportunities, to moving concepts through the pipeline, there's no magic formula for success. Most companies recognize that new products and services are the lifeblood of the future - and that it is imperative to maintain an abundant pipeline of product and service concepts that range from line extensions to breakthroughs. The challenge is a formidable one: extend existing products to maximize their contribution throughout their lifecycle while concurrently introducing compelling new offerings that may potentially cannibalize the existing portfolio or create new categories of growth. Regardless of the industry, organizations often face common challenges related to driving new product, service and category innovation, including:

- Identifying promising opportunity areas;

- Moving beyond massive amounts of data to gain meaningful insights;

- Translating insights into breakthrough business concepts;

- Prioritizing and selecting the most promising opportunities;

- Championing and defending fragile ideas through the innovation process;

- Building the organizational alignment required for successful execution.

Hallemavanloon's approach to new product, service and category innovation takes the visionary high ground, seeking to conceptualize, develop, test and introduce breakthrough opportunities that inspire customers and, in some cases, spur discontinuous innovation.