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Many organizations find it challenging to commit time and resources to think strategically about the future when short-term metrics and fire-fighting are operating norms. Ensuring that today's actions are tightly linked to longer-term business goals and objectives is a significant challenge, especially when the company lacks a well-articulated growth and innovation strategy. Most "visioning" exercises produce a description of a desired end-state, coupled with a "gap analysis"-based action plan. While the vision may be bold, the specific opportunities, business models, and supporting strategies are often high level, making short-term action planning and measures of success elusive. While you may have a desired end state and an activity list, the strategic roadmap is missing.

Hallemavanloon's growth strategy and roadmapping process establishes a living strategic framework for aligning action to vision. We help you identify growth opportunities, assess strategic options, define your optimal future, and clearly lay out the path forward. At the heart of your strategic roadmap lies the value that your company will deliver to specific market segments over time, supported by the strategies, capabilities, technologies, partnerships, and business models required for success in the short-, mid- and longer-term. Just as important as your vision and roadmap, however, is the Strategic Alignment required to quickly galvanize your organization to committed action. Unlike other firms that leave you with a report and set of recommendations, our experience is that breakthrough strategies require change leadership to drive them forward within the organization. Our approach explicitly addresses the alignment of senior leadership and other key internal and external stakeholders - including employees, business partners, customers, suppliers, etc. - throughout the strategy and roadmapping process. Engaging the organization throughout the process lays the groundwork for accelerated decision-making and rapid implementation.