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Sustainable. Green. Environmentally conscious. With significant global trends focused on sustainability, a powerful consumer driver toward personal health and wellness, and front page articles in Newsweek, BusinessWeek and other mainstream media on corporate social responsibility, many forward-looking companies are quickly recognizing the challenges and the opportunities of socially responsible innovation. These companies are now wrestling with several critical topics: tapping into green technologies to rethink product/packaging formulation and manufacturing processes; consumer demands for non-toxic, family-friendly products; open accountability and transparent communications about their organizations environmental impact; competitors green claims (whether real or unfounded); and compliance with Government legislation and other industry standards. Putting the rhetoric aside, walking the talk of socially responsible innovation is the most compelling proof point for consumers and the ultimate competitive weapon for visionary companies.

Hallemavanloon works with forward-looking organizations to create socially responsible growth strategies that are visionary yet actionable, and that demonstrate to consumers, customers and partners a true commitment to walking the talk of Socially Responsible Innovation. We help our clients identify and prioritize opportunities driven by the powerful trends of corporate social responsibility, emerging technologies and consumer health and wellness. We also help tackle the tough implementation issues involved in taking these new innovations to market, from defining your roadmap for growth, to building stakeholder support, to balancing resource allocation between core businesses and new investments, and to creating organizational structures that allow these new efforts to grow and succeed.