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Every business has a business model.  The challenge is that some business models successfully provide strategic differentiation, competitive advantage, and the basis for sustained growth and innovation while others do not. Business model innovation is essential to both the short- and long-term health of the enterprise.  As the core driver of value, revenue, and profit, business models must be continually invented and re-invented as market conditions change. Successful business models often contain a creative spark, something that distinguishes them in the market, as well as a number of strategic components that reinforce the overall business design. Hallemavanloon brings a holistic and collaborative approach to business model innovation. We help established firms overcome critical challenges posed by their existing mindsets and industry assumptions by combining our competencies in strategic thinking, business strategy development, product and service innovation, change management and operational planning.  Our facilitated and highly collaborative approach creates a team out of an organization's entrepreneurs, business managers, visionaries and pragmatists. Finding common ground among different perspectives, personal styles, values and agendas, we forge alignment around the roadmap that will drive your companies next winning business model.