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improving stakeholder engagement

Engaging effectively with stakeholders is fundamental to successful business in the 21st century. Value creation for everyone involved in an enterprise is essential to creating a common purpose to tackle the complex issues facing organizations. We help businesses, governments and civil society organizations manage and communicate today’s complex issues by enlisting the support of stakeholders to seize opportunities, achieve results and create enduring value for all. We are unique in our ability to identify, design and implement initiatives that help organizations transform stakeholder engagement from a license to operate into a license to grow. Our approach can provide an organization with lasting competencies in value creation. We have extensive experience working with clients and their stakeholders to develop the appropriate conditions for value-creating engagement – whether that is through large-scale stakeholder surveys custom-designed for broad-based opinion gathering, issue-specific dialogue by way of one-on-one engagement with opinion formers or through focus groups, strategy-focused conversations with advisory panels  or high-leverage solutions-creation through outcome-oriented engagements.