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R refine

doing things better

R renew

creating new things

R reinvent

a shift from the past

Refine is about making changes to the current business model, but not altering it dramatically. It’s a kind of incremental innovation that plays a necessary role in defending your company’s baseline against competition. You need to develop these kind of innovations to stay in game. It’s focused on making small, but significant improvements rather than creating something new.

refine challenges — refine solutions —

How can we tighten the relationship with our customers?


redefining the customer experience

How can we improve of our marketing effectiveness? 


creating marketing excellence

How can our stakeholders support value creation and growth?


improving stakeholder engagement

case study — customer experience 

Renew is about extending or changing the existing business model. It’s a kind of evolutionary innovation that introduces an existing product or service into a new market, a new product or service into an existing market or changes the way a current offering is delivered. These are ‘share of market’ innovations. By delivering customers a reason to switch from a competitor brand, they drive market growth.

renew challenges — renew solutions —
Where are the most promising areas for new growth within or outside your industry?   

white space opportunity identification

How can we integrate customer insights into new products and services?


new product and service innovation

What's the most compelling future for our business and how do we achieve it?


growth strategy and road mapping

case study — growth strategy

Reinvent represents a significant departure from your previous business model and historic orientation. These type of innovations deliver new benefits, opportunities or experiences to customers and other stakeholders by disrupting current market behavior, transforming value propositions and bringing previously marginal customers into the center of attention.

reinvent challenges — reinvent solutions —

How can we create competitive advantage in a new market?


new market entry strategy

How can we move beyond our historic product orientation?


business model innovation

How can we use our business model as the engine for sustainable innovation?


sustainability innovation

case study — new market entry strategy