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Doing things better

  • How can we tighten the relationship with our customers?
  • How can we improve our marketing effectiveness?
  • How can our stakeholders support value creation and growth?

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Creating new things

  • Where are the most promising areas for new growth within or outside your industry?
  • How can we integrate customer insights into new products and services?
  • What's the most compelling future for our business and how do we achieve it?

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A shift from the past

  • How can we create competitive advantage in a new market?
  • How can we move beyond our historic product orientation?
  • How can we use our business model as the engine for sustainable innovation?

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who we are —

Hallemavanloon is an innovation consultancy that drives top-line growth by improving and creating new propositions, services and businesses. We look at things differently. Bringing unique perspectives and insights that spark revolutionary thinking and ideas. Hallemavanloon is about creating better ideas faster and bringing them to market.

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We believe in the power of insight as a driver of growth

ideas —

New ideas are the lifeblood of every successful business

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We realize growth by using our iterative collaborative approach

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case study — Exploring the future

—finding unclaimed yet profitable market space